Product  RKM 126-xM

Single-ended Cordset

Straight Female Connector

Order number: 777002206
    • Straight Female 1 1/8″ minifast Connector

General data

Technical Data

Mechanical connection 1 1/8”
Number of Conductors 12
Number of pins 12
Design Straight
Design Female
Material coupling/housing A Brass
Application General
Rated voltage 600 V
Current 7 A
Cable Jacket Material PVC
Cable Jacket Color Yellow
Approvals UL ListedRoHS
Length Variants
ID numberTypeCable length (L)
U-00560RKM 126-0.3M0.3
U0953-22RKM 126-0.5M0.5
U-00333RKM 126-1M1
U0920-78RKM 126-2M2
U-02057RKM 126-3M3
U-00110RKM 126-4M4
U-00271RKM 126-5M5
U0936-56RKM 126-6M6
U-05945RKM 126-7M7
U-00111RKM 126-8M8
U-00109RKM 126-10M10
U-15115RKM 126-11M11
U0970-14RKM 126-12M12
U-02845RKM 126-13M13
U-00520RKM 126-14M14
U2-00570RKM 126-15M15
U-00925RKM 126-16M16
U-00477RKM 126-17M17
U-05697RKM 126-18M18
U2-00571RKM 126-20M20
U-15035RKM 126-21M21
U-05698RKM 126-22M22
U-03808RKM 126-25M25
U-03020RKM 126-28M28
U-00617RKM 126-30M30
U-39887RKM 126-32M32
U-70220RKM 126-35M35
U-02638RKM 126-46M46
U-05486RKM 126-55M55
U-05980RKM 126-60M60


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