Product  RI360P0-QR24M0-INCRX2-H1181

Contactless Encoder

Incremental: 1 … 5000 ppr

Premium Line

Order number: 1590910
    • Compact, rugged housing
    • Many mounting possibilities
    • Status displayed via LED
    • Immune to electromagnetic interference
    • 1024 pulses per revolution (default)
    • 360, 512, 1000, 1024, 2048, 2500, 3600, 4096, parametr. via Easy-Teach
    • Free parametrization of the pulse number in the range from 1 to 5000 via PACTware
    • Position of z-track set via Easy-Teach
    • Burst function, absolute angular position output incrementally per Easy-Teach pulse
    • 10…30 VDC
    • Male M12 x 1, 8-pin
    • Push-pull A, B, Z, A (inverse), B (inverse)

General data

EAN 4047101304015
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27270502 -/- Encoder, incremental
Customs tariff number 90318020000
Country of origin DE
Weight 335 g

Technical Data

Encoder line Premium-Line
Technology Contactless
Output type Incremental
Shaft Type Hollow shaft
Shaft diameter D [mm] 6  mm6.35  mm9.525  mm10  mm12  mm12.7  mm14  mm15.875  mm19.05  mm20  mm
Housing length 81  mm
Housing width 78  mm
Housing height 24  mm
Flange type Flange without mounting element
Resolution, incremental 1024  ppr
Output function Push-Pull/HTL
Electrical connection Connectors
Connector type M12 × 1
Housing material Metal/plastic
Housing quality ZnAlCu1/PBT-GF30-V0
Ambient temperature (min.) -25  °C
Ambient temperature (max.) 85  °C
Protection class IP68 / IP69K
SP1-QR24 Shield plate Ø 74 mm, aluminium
RKC8.302T-1.5-RSC4T/TXL320 Adapter cable to connect sensor to USB-2-IOL-0002 parametrizing unit; female M12, straight, 8-pin on male M12, straigth, 3-pin; cable length: 1.5 m; sheath material: PUR, sheath color: black, cULus approved; RoHS conform; protection class IP67
SP3-QR24 Shield plate Ø 52 mm, aluminium
P1-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 20 mm shafts
RA6-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 3/8“ shafts
RA8-QR24 Plug for mounting option C
RA2-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 14 mm shafts
P4-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 10 mm shafts
P7-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 1/4“ shafts
RA4-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 10 mm shafts
SP2-QR24 Shield plate Ø 74 mm, aluminiuim, with borehole for shaft feedthrough
P2-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 14 mm shafts
RA1-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 20 mm shafts
P8-RI-QR24 Positioning element with blanking plug for large shafts
P6-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 3/8“ shafts
P3-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 12 mm shafts
P5-RI-QR24 Positioning element, for Ø 6 mm shafts
USB-2-IOL-0002 IO-Link Master with integrated USB port
RA5-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 6 mm shafts
E-RKC 8T-264-2 Connection cable, female M12, straight, 8-pin (twisted pairs),shielded, cable length: 2 m, sheath material: PVC, black; cULus approval; other cable lengths and qualities available, see
PE1-QR24 Positioning element without adapter sleeve
M1-QR24 Aluminum protecting ring, for inductive encoders RI-QR24
RA3-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 12 mm shafts
RKC8T-2/TXL Connection cable, female M12, straight, 8-pin, cable length: 2 m, sheath material: PUR, black; cULus approval; other cable lengths and qualities available, see
TX2-Q20L60 Teach adapter for inductive encoders with 8-pin male M12 x 1, for simple programming via Easy Teach
RA7-QR24 Adapter sleeve, for Ø 1/4“ shafts

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