Product  IM82-24-5.0

Switching power supply

Order number: 7545042
    • Output voltage adjustable 22.5…28.5 VDC
    • Nominal current 5 A
    • Single/parallel operating mode
    • Surge protection
    • Removable terminals
    • Universal operating voltage
    • Mains failure bridging up to 30 ms
    • High efficiency
    • Natural air cooling
    • Power-good relay

General data

EAN 4047101262827
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27230209 -/- Current supply, voltage
Customs tariff number 85044082900
Country of origin TW
Weight 978 g

Technical Data

Mounting instructions DIN rail (NS35)
Power supply 230 VUC
Nominal output voltage 24 V
Nominal current 5 A
Parallel mode yes, switchover initiated by a switch, max. 3 devices each with 90 % load current
Protection class IP20
DC OK Output yes

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