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Product  WK4.5T-5-RS4.5T/S2500

BL ident Cable Standard Version

Order number: 6699204
    • 4‐core, AWG 24/AWG 22
    • Jacket material: PUR, color: yellow
    • Halogen- and LABS-free
    • Shield: Aluminum foil, tinned copper braid
    • Jacket diameter: 6.4 mm
    • Suitable for drag chain use, oil-resistant, highly flexible
    • Cable UL Style 20963
    • Device without end termination
    • Device may only be operated in line topology TBEN-S*-2RFID-* or TBEN-L*-4RFID-*
    • Max. 32 nodes per line or connection permitted
    • Use a corresponding terminating resistor (see accessories)
    • Observe the performance of the power supply, especially when turned on, and the maximum current carrying capacity of the cables
    • Observe the voltage drop on the line
    • The maximum possible length of the spur line is 2 m
    • The maximum possible length of the bus is 50 m
    • When using the read/write head in line topology (more than one device per port), reading or writing to the tag in motion is not allowed.
    • The read/write head is automatically assigned an address
      For different application requirements, the address and can be parameterized
    • Cable length: 5.0 m

General data

EAN 4047106123307
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27060307 -/- Bus cable
Customs tariff number 85444290
Country of origin DE
Weight 327 g

Technical Data

Mechanical connection M12×1
Number of conductors 2
Number of pins 5
Design Angled
Design Female
Material coupling/housing A Brass
Mechanical connection M12x1
Design Straight
Design Connectors
Material coupling/housing B Brass
Application RFID
Rated voltage 30 V
Cable quality PUR
Color cable Yellow
Approvals Cable UL Style 20963

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