Product  BC10-QF5.5-AP6X2

Capacitive sensor

Order number: 2620117
    • Rectangular, height 5.5 mm
    • Active face on top
    • Plastic, PP
    • Fine adjustment via potentiometer
    • DC 3-wire, 10…30 VDC
    • NO contact, PNP output
    • Cable connection

General data

EAN 4047101149470
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27270102 -/- Capacitive proximity switch
Customs tariff number 8536507000
Country of origin None
Weight 40 g

Technical Data

Construction size Rectangular, QF5,5, 54 x 20.3 x 5.5 mm
Rated switching distance (flush) 10 mm
Operating voltage DC
Switching element function NO contact
Output function PNP
Electrical connection Cables
Housing material Plastic
Housing quality PP
Approvals cULus

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